About us

The Chestertons Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation, giving back to the communities it works in, in the UK and internationally.

What We do


We were set up by the Chairman of Chestertons estate agency, and aim to help people wherever Chestertons agencies are based, all over the world.

We work directly with organisations and charities to give back to society in the most effective way possible, always seeking to improve life for the most vulnerable in our communities. We work with homelessness charities, environmental causes, and many other organisations and are always interested in partnering with new deserving causes.

Our donations help fund permanent jobs, education programmes, the coordination of volunteers and directly assist people to improve their lives.

We also fully back our Chestertons estate agency staff if they have a personal favourite charity, and encourage them to take time to help others, either by volunteering or doing something to raise money.

How we started

Salah Mussa, Chairman of The Chesterton’s Foundation started the charitable foundation in 2019. Salah is a successful, serial entrepreneur, as well as an active philanthropist.

In 2005, Salah Mussa bought Chestertons, an estate agency founded in 1805, and grew it into one of the most successful estate agencies in London. Chestertons now operates in 12 countries with over 70 offices.

Giving back to society runs in the family. Salah Mussa’s father Mohamed Mussa came from humble beginnings. He grew up in Libya under Italian occupation and his family struggled, sometimes not having enough food and water. After Libyan independence, he was determined to become successful, and became a prominent Libyan businessman in the 60s. Because of his early hardships, he promoted the importance of charity throughout his life. This desire to give back to society and in particular the communities you live in is embedded in the Mussa family.

Mohamed Mussa was known as a philanthropist, as he consistently supported poorer families in Libya and abroad. He moved to London in the 1970s and began to establish a real estate and commercial portfolio in the UK and internationally. Salah and his children have a deep passion for continuing Mohamed Mussa’s legacy and philanthropic efforts

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